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Creditor Rights

Perfect Practice® delivers a client/file management system with the features and horsepower to operate a high volume foreclosure, collections, and/or bankruptcy practice.

All components are fully integrated and include document merging designed to substantially boost Foreclosure law firm productivity. 

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Working with Trial Lawyers Since 1984, Perfect Practice® has developed a standard template for the Personal Injury area. The features you expect are a standard part of the system.

Once the case is settled, simply click a button and check requests from the trust account will be prepared for all parties entitled to share in the settlement, including the client, lien holders, letters of protection and of course the firm.

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Other Areas of Law

The Collections package can automatically recalculate the interest due on a daily basis. Forget to enter a payment? No problem, the interest calculation will automatically adjust.

Best of all, it tracks and prepares checks for both you and your client if you are doing commercial collections in a “Remit Net to Client” arrangement.

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