Available in 3 different lengths for every space & training goal


Golf is a game of constant progression. Perfect Practice accelerates it.
From new personal bests to course records, we design for better play at every level.



What Perfect Practice Putting Mat size should I choose?

It depends on the space you have available. Our Standard Edition has a length of 9 feet 6 inches is our most popular size because it works in most spaces. 

If you’re tight or space or will frequently travel with your mat, our Compact Edition (8 feet) is a great size. 

For a great canter piece in larger rooms, we recommend our XL Edition (15 feet 6 inches) so you can practice the longest putts.

Can your training aids be used outside?

All Perfect Practice products are designed for indoor and outdoor use. Just remember to reduce long-term exposure to UV rays and store them inside or in your golf bag.

What products does Dustin Johnson use?

Dustin Johnson has all of our training aids, but he specifically uses our Perfect Putting Mat -- Standard Edition, TPM, The Raindrop -- Retractable Putting String, and Laser Putting Glasses to practice year round.
You can learn more about how DJ uses these products in the DJ Collection page. 

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, we use After-Pay to offer up to four interest-free payment installments.

Can left-handed golfers use Perfect Practice training aids?

All of our products work for righties and lefties. We’ve even developeda putting mat specifically for lefties, although they’ll be perfectly happy with any of our mats.

Are there resources on how to train with Perfect Practice products?

To help golfers get the most from their Perfect Practice training aids, we’ve developed a series of instructional videos for each product. You can access those resources for free on ourDrop 5 System page.

My tracking info states my order was delivered, but I haven't received my product(s). What should I do?

We trust and value our carriers, but issues with deliveries can occur every now and then. We recommend checking at all entrances or with neighbors to see if your order was accidentally delivered to the incorrect address.

You can also contact the carrier directly to verify that they in fact did deliver the package.

UPS: 1-888-742-5877

USPS: 1-800-275-877

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