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Good mirror

This is a really good mirror for the price and I find it gets the job done

Could be a lot better

Been 30 days and still doesn’t lay flat. Have steamed and ironed several times . Have put hundreds of pounds of barbells on and still have on it. You have offered to replace or return and I agree that you have been willing to take back. As I stated in previous follow up emails from you my wife is sick. Since purchasing we have had to move her into hospice and this takes all my time and energy for I’m taking care of her. I simply can’t take the time to package and return. No reason for a putting Matt to be this exhausting to try and lay flat especially after this long.

Love it!

Great for developing and gaining confidence in your straight putting. I practice by having to sink three consecutive putts from 2ft large, then 2ft small, then 3ft large, etc to 9ft small. Takes a little while sometimes but worth it.

True Pendulum Motion (TPM)

Decent mat

I bought the V4 instead of the V5. The V4 has been in my garage on a concrete floor for about two weeks. The surface is still not flat. I really like everything else about this system, but I need the mat to lay flat or I don't know if it was me or the mat that pushed a putt off line. I'm going to lay some lumber on the mat to see if I can remove the curl. The curl is not extreme, but it really makes the unit a lot less usable as an improvement tool. Time will tell if I can get the curl out. I wasn't sure that the V5 would have been any better and it cost 50% more, so I went with the V4.

Some pro’s and some con’s

My roll-a-putt mat is absolutely easy to set up and tear down, as promised. It is very good for practicing a proper roll on the ball; the alignment markings are very helpful. Where I find that it falls a bit short is that it’s not especially useful to practice putting the ball in the cup because the of elevated position of the hole. Unless I am slamming my putts up the ramp (where they go in regardless of alignment), the balls simply roll back to me. Useful, but somewhat limited.

Mat does not smooth out

Nice putting practice but the mat never settled down flat. I put weights on it - books etc but none of it worked. I ended up buying a competitor’s mat.

Perfect Putting Mat

Very helpful product for working on your game. The two different sized holes linked to a clever ball return allow you to practice more and retrieve less. I’ve been chipping off it too. The only minor issue, the fabric doesn’t lay perfectly flat.

Excellent Putting Aids

I am very pleased with the Perfect Putting Mat
and the alignment mirror I purchased recently.
The results so far are saving me about 3-5 strokes per 18 hole round.

It works!

I have always struggled with a pop stroke when putting. I can honestly say the TPM has made a huge difference in my game. I highly recommend it.

It is a great putting aid to use if you are not a great putter, like me. This helped me out a lot. It’s probably the best putting aid out there.

Hard to get it flat, even with iron

Would be amazing if I could get it flat.

Birthday Gift Giving Was A Score!

My father-in-law loves it!!!!

Overall good mat

My only complaint is that there is a bump in the mat as soon as it goes uphill. Keep trying to smooth it out, but it won’t go away.

Excellent putting mat overall

I used one in a store, liked it, and ordered one for my home. My only complaint is that it came rolled up in a box and I am unable to get it to lay flat and putt true.

Great putting aid

Great putting aid. Only problem is the end of the putting lane curled up during shipping and can’t get it to lie flat. So anything over 8 feet is pretty much unusable. Other then that the built quality is top notch

PPM acrylic

The end of the mat curls up too much. Tried everything. Otherwise it’s good but that’s definitely a negative.

Poor customer service

Tried contacting several times, email address errors and no phone to connect to a person. Wouldn’t purchase anything from company again.

Must have for any serious golfer!!!

8 feet is too short you need the 15 foot XL!!’ You can honestly start to really feel the distances needed after time spent. No driving to the range or club. Quick timely efficient

Won't Get Flat

I enjoy the mat, but I have put heavy objects on it since I received it over 2 weeks ago and it is still not completely flat, thus affecting the roll of the ball.

Doesn't lay flat

The mat curls. We read other reviews and tried to iron it but it still isn't flat making it almost impossible to use for it's purpose. Super disappointed.

Waiting for mat to lie flat

The practice surface is very good. I would consider a 5 star rating but I can’t seem to get the edges to lie flat. This causes the ball path to run untrue at time. It’s been 30 days, any suggestions on how to flatten the entire May?

It’s unusable.

THE EDGES OF THE ENTIRE MAT CURL UP ON BOTH SIDES! Therefore you can only put on the middle… that’s a big problem since both holes are on the left and right side… there is no hole in the middle of the mat. I tried laying weights on it over time to see if it would lay flat eventually. Nope! Hasn’t changed a bit. Stopped using it, wish I could get my money back.

It never really gets flat. Kinda like a funnel.

The putting green looks fantastic, but I can't really give it a great rating. I've had it for a few weeks, and the edges are still curled, leading to it being not purely flat or straight, and more of a funnel. A bit expensive for what you get.