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Official Putting Mat of PGA Champion Dustin Johnson
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Master The Art Of Putting

Perfect Practice’s Standard Putting Mat offers 8 feet of putting for pro-level putting practice. Its skill-enhancing features paired with innovative, high-quality craftsmanship help elevate your game.

Plus, all of Perfect Practice’s putting mats are used and touted by PGA-champs like Dustin Johnson.

Looking to make more putts? You’re just a few strokes away…




Each stroke mimics the green
Smooth-gliding velvet and felt turf help produce genuine 10-14 stimpmeter speeds that simulate real greens.

Improve & perfect aim
2 smaller hole sizes are designed to strengthen precision and control training.

Get immediate feedback
Precise track lines help golfers visualize the path of their ball. If it rolls off course, they can quickly make adjustments to their alignment and stroke.

Auto ball return
A magnetically-connected roll-back track enables a smooth and seamless ball return for uninterrupted practice.

Keep everything in place
The grippy, rubber putting mat base conforms to any surface, preventing bulging or movement.

Learn how you can use The Dustin Johnson Practice Collection to make more putts.

At Home

The Perfect Putting Mat

Dustin Johnson spends 95% of his time practicing putts from inside 10 feet, and he uses his Perfect Putting Mat to help him practice those putts anytime, anywhere.

The Perfect Putting Mat has a tour-inspired design that helps golfers improve every aspect of their putting. With its train-track alignment aids and two hole sizes (regulation and reduced), there’s never been a faster or easier way to start making more putts.

Two Hole Sizes

Train Track Alignment

Auto Ball Return

"When I’m at home, I’ve always got my putting mat. And when I’m on the road, I always take one with me. It keeps me consistent.”

Dustin Johnson, World #1

On the Course

The Raindrop

Putting strings have helped golfers improve their putting for a long time. So why don’t more golfers use them? Because they’ve always been a pain to setup and store. Not anymore.

The Raindrop was developed with GOLF Top-100 Instructor and Puting Guru Matt Killen to be easy and convenient to use. With its retractable design, golfers can set up The Raindrop in a few seconds and store it in the bag without worrying about it tangling or damaging other items.

Retractable String

Up to 20 Feet

Neoprene Carry Case

“Amateur golfers and even professionals struggle to start breaking putts on the right line. The Raindrop makes it easy to see the correct starting line. You’ll be amazed at how many more putts you’ll make if you practice with The Raindrop.”

-- Matt Killen, GOLF Top-100 Instructor and Putting Guru


Laser Putting Glasses

To putt well, golfers need to practice their eye position. In the past, that meant asking a coach to watch you putt. Not with the Laser Putting Glasses. They make it easy for all golfers to see where their eyes are positioned before, during, and after the stroke.

Have a coach already? So does Dustin Johnson, and he still uses the Laser Putting Glasses. They give him immediate feedback on where his eyes are at address, if his head moves during the stroke, and if his head is properly rotating down the line after the ball leaves his putter.

Indoor or Outdoor

Fits All Faces

USB Charging

“The Laser Putting Glasses make sure I’m not falling into any bad habits, and that’s a big deal. Yes, they look kind of crazy, but they’re the best at what they do.”

-- Dustin Johnson, 2-Time Major Champion

Practice Anywhere

TPM (True Pendulum Motion)

The True Pendulum Motion (TPM) makes it possible to feel a perfect putting stroke every time. As Dustin Johnson says, “You can’t really hit it offline with the TPM. It forces you into the perfect position and makes you take a perfect stroke.”

TPM is easy to set up and works with any putter or grip style. It also collapses for easy storage so you can use it anywhere.

Works With Any Putter

Works With Any Grip

Adjustable Length

“I’ve taught with almost every putting training aid out there. The TPM is by far the best and simplest.”

-- Zach Allen, Southern California PGA Teacher of The Year, Golf Digest Best Young Teacher