Two Hole Sizes

You'll never get bored with our two hole sizes: regulation and reduced. The regulation (big) hole is perfect for everyone, and the reduced-size hole is a challenge for even the best golfers. 

Speedier Auto Ball Return

Chasing golf balls isn’t fun. Our Integrated Auto Ball Return has been improved to send the ball back to you even quicker -- make or miss -- so you can stay in one spot. It also holds up to four balls so you can speed up your practice.  

Train Track Alignment

Whether you play a lot of golf or don’t play much at all, Track Track Alignment makes it easy to aim your putter. And if you want to use Train Track Alignment to work on your stroke like the pros do, you can do that, too!

Crystal Velvet TrueRoll Technology

On our mats, there is no skipping or skidding thanks to Crystal Velvet Trueroll Technology. Perfect Putting Mats roll like the greens the pros play on tour -- between 10-14 on the stimpmeter -- depending on the underlying surface (hard floors are faster than carpet).

New-And-Improved Backing

When you want to practice, you want to practice. Our new-and-improved backing ensures your mat will roll out flat without curls and bumps.