It’s that horrid time of year… flu season. You’ve finally finished out your business year and are ready to start fresh, and the cold weather comes creeping in like a thief in the night. The next thing you know, your phone starts to ring and on the other end is a member of your staff who sounds like death has come knocking on their door. There is so much to do and you really need your employees at full force, but you also don’t want to ask them to come in and spread their germs all over your office so that everyone else, including yourself, will have to deal with this for the next several weeks. Unless, of course, you hire a hazmat team to come in and disinfect the entire workplace. How do you keep them home, yet still allow them to be productive?

If you are using Perfect Practice, your problem is solved. Perfect Practice allows your employees to be able to work from home, securely, should they come down with something that the whole office would rather not share. I speak from personal experience. It hit me hard at the beginning of this year, and while I wanted to come in and help my co-workers and managers by performing my daily duties, they did NOT want me in the office potentially spreading my illness. I felt I was well enough to be able to be productive, however not well enough to be back in the office. I was able to work on my tasks, schedule and conduct meetings, answer email, and monitor my to-do list from my home while I got better and without taking the chance of getting anyone else sick without skipping a beat. I, myself, prefer an office setting most of the time, so although this is a temporary set up, it allows me to be a productive member of my team, from my home office, where they are not exposed to any of my germs.

The data that your at-home employee enters is stored in Perfect Practice real time. Everyone can stay on the same page and the data will not have to be re-entered upon your staff members return to the office. Your employee’s computer/laptop will have to be authorized to access your data before they can log into it, so your security is not compromised. They can merge their documents, schedule their meetings and have access to your client files should they need to contact your clients and meet a deadline. You are less likely to have to fill in for someone or have another employee take on their tasks, cluttering up their calendar and getting themselves behind in the process.

Of course, not everyone will be able to work while they are ill, but for the ones who may still be a bit under the weather but wish to still contribute, let them! We’ve all had to make arrangements due to an employee’s absence. Let Perfect Practice give you one more tool to alleviate yours, and your staff’s, stress during flu/cold season.