Enter time through Case Management or Financials!

Our automated work flow can automatically create fee and cost entries when appropriate, based on the client’s fee schedule. Import fees or costs from vendors or third party programs.

  • Easily record billable or non-billable time entries
  • Rapid entry mode and Retain screen mode
  • Accept or over-ride established default values for particular clients, matters, or types of transactions
  • “Actual” versus “Bill As” allows you to track both the actual time and producer as well as adjustments made prior to billing (length of time, value assigned, or even the producer) – Meet client requirements for billing protocols while preserving records of the actual investment of time and dollars
  • Take advantage of short-cuts (pre-programmed phrases or words) to save time and minimize misspellings
  • Configure your system to meet the specific rules for electronic billing or client protocols, such as LEDES or UTBMS
  • Phase and task codes can be set to only show those specified by client
  • Audit trails record all changes to recorded entries
  • Automatic Timer
  • Multiple time screens simultaneously
  • Spell Check (Legal dictionary, Medical dictionary, foreign languages). Create your own dictionary
  • Built in Thesaurus
  • Hourly, flat fee or contingency
  • No Mouse Required for data entry!

Time Tested for over 30 years & enhanced by over 10,000 users!

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