Perfect Practice® Total Access

Our flagship solution Total Access is an all-encompassing practice automation solution offering a total approach to law firm automation including:

  • Full featured case management
  • Comprehensive billing and accounting
  • Document Management & Document Assembly
  • Scheduler (a firm wide fully integrated calendering solution)
  • Perfect Practice® Notify another Perfect Practice innovation.

Billing & Accounting

Whether your firm does contingency, hourly, or flat- fee billing – Perfect Practice® is adept at handling the billing and accounting requirements for practically any size practice or business.

Perfect Practice® Billing & Accounting Offers a single software solution for the financial management needs of your practice or business.

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Case Management

Packed with features and functionality, based on years of input from existing clients, Perfect Practice® offers a field-tested solution for successful practice or business management.

The flexible architecture of Perfect Practice® is designed to accommodate practically any type of data tracking, without custom programming.

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Document Assembly with Docutrac®

Intelligent document merging allows the program to make decisions based on the content of the data sheets.

Create perfect documents every time! Docutrac® takes the information entered on the data sheets and puts that information directly into your documents.

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Perfect Practice Notify

Have your secretary non-obtrusively alert you to important phone calls while you’re on the phone? Be notified when someone enters a phone message, appointment or to-do for you.

Have an instant messenger program limited to use only in the privacy of your office. No internet security issues. Able to archive notifications and chat sessions.

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Let Perfect Practice manage your time. The Perfect Practice® Scheduler is a practice wide shared calendar and docketing control solution designed specifically for law firms.

Where does the time go? Let Perfect Practice® Scheduler manage it for you.

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Total Access

Our flagship solution Total Access is a practice automation solution offering a total approach to practice or business automation, encompassing both case management and billing and accounting.

Compatible with Microsoft Word® and Corel Word Perfect®, DocuTrac® is self-contained and does not require any other 3rd party software.

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Time Tested for over 30 years & enhanced by over 10,000 users!

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