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Contingency firms, are you tired of scrambling to see exactly how much an offer will net your client?

Plug the offer into the Perfect Practice® settlement model and see the net due EVERYONE, with the click of a button. Keeps the last offer for each case and updates as additional costs are incurred. Then you can not only print the settlement statement, but also prepare the checks!

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  • Prepare Settlement statements
  • Set the fee percentage for each case
  • Use or Edit specific settlement language for each case
  • Prepare Settlement checks with the click of a button
  • Tracks Liens and Letters of Protection
  • Tracks Outstanding cost advances
  • Handles referring attorney fees
  • Allows for late cost hold back
  • Summary of costs or itemized by code
  • Keeps last offer for each case
  • Flexible settlement statement can be customized to your needs

Time Tested for over 30 years & enhanced by over 10,000 users!

See how firms use Perfect Practice® to do more, faster and with fewer resources.
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