Catch the errors BEFORE you send the bill!

Pre-bills can be printed to paper or reviewed on-screen. Change the wording, adjust the rate or time from the pre-bill edit screen. Perfect Practice® keeps the original time, rate and dollar extension while allowing you to adjust the values to bill. This allows for superior productivity tracking. It’s not what you work, it’s what you bill and collect.

  • Hold Individual Transactions or entire Matters until a later bill
  • Specify Courtesy Write-offs
  • Specify Write Ups or Write-downs
  • Show Trust money to apply to bills
  • Show Retainer money to apply to bills
  • Keep the original Time, Rate and Dollar extension when adjusting bill amounts
  • Review one Matter’s transactions
  • Review by Billing Cycle
  • Review by Responsible Staff Member
  • Review by Ad Hoc Batch

Time Tested for over 30 years & enhanced by over 10,000 users!

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