The story is familiar to everyone. You need to go shopping to stock up on groceries for the week. You go to one store and purchase almost everything on your list, but while you are there, you find that the store is out of a certain product that you really need. It’s then on to the next store in search of your missing items. You finally find everything on your list, but as you were shopping you realized that you really do need to find a new outfit for that business meeting you have planned next week. It’s now off to the department store or your favorite, local boutique. As you are leaving, the little red light comes on in your car indicating that it is time for an oil change, so now you are off to the auto facility for maintenance on your vehicle. Wouldn’t it be nice for there to be a literal “One Stop Shop” where you could take care of ALL of your needs for the day??

Wouldn’t it be nice for there to be a “One Stop Shop” to manage your legal cases? There is! Perfect Practice is designed to assist lawyers or law firms manage their cases including client records, schedules and appointments, deadlines, billing and bookkeeping, computer files, and documents. It also facilitates compliance to policies and requirements laid down by judicial and legal authorities. It IS your “One Stop Shop” for managing your firm.

The business side of the legal profession is not normally taught in law school; hence the primary purpose of legal case and law practice management software is to help law firms and legal practitioners run their practices smoothly. Perfect Practice carries features for case management (databases, checking conflicts of interest, and statutes of limitations), time tracking (for billing), document assembly (DocuTrac), contact and docket management, calendar and scheduling, and client communication, among others. Perfect Practice harnesses technologies useful for modern law firms providing business solutions to streamline daily tasks and workflows, improve productivity and efficiency, and boost revenue generation.

Perfect Practice offers all functionalities you need to effectively run a law practice. Perfect Practice brings with it robust tools to manage cases, clients, data, documents, bills, calendars, time tracking, reporting, and accounting. It is the complete management tool for law offices.

You can access Perfect Practice from your desktop, from the web, or from your smart phone, tablet, or other mobile device. It can be there for you, wherever you may be; in your office, home, or on a boat in the Caribbean.

Don’t waste your firms precious time and resources. Why utilize multiple software packages when Perfect Practice can do it all; and is customizable to your wants and needs? Let Prefect Practice be your “One Stop Shop” for managing your practice.