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The top Entity ID Bar typically contains the information used for locating the file, and of course it can be customized.  The tabs along the middle contain all the other information regarding the file.

Address/Phone: every phone, email & fax number for this particular file.

Questionnaires: all the data intake for the file. This can be used for document merging, searching and for reports.

Images: organizes all the images associated with the file. Relationships has a list of all the entities associated with the file and how they pertain to this file, including parties, experts and other companion cases.

Documents: shows all available merge documents for the automated creation of pleadings, contracts and letters. Only documents appropriate for the case type will display.

Admin: contains information concerning different staff members assigned to the file, referring source, Alert notes and other administrative items.

Activities: all transactional type items that belong to the file. These typically include Time/Costs, Tasks (ToDos), Appointments, Email, Document log & others that you can define.

Everything concerning the file is in one place for ease of use and instant access!

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