Journals are a way to keep general ledger transactions, that originated from the same source, together.

Setting up journals within Perfect Practice:
Start within the accounting classic desktop.

Select system setup/utilities to access the journal setup screen.

Select setup
Select division, dept/journal

Select the journal radio button to view the journal entry screen.
The first existing journal will display in the screen.

Perfect Practice comes with pre-set journals, so you should see something.
Examples of commonly used journals would be:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Cash Receipts
  • Cash Disbursements
  • A Journal for each Trust Account

Click on the plus sign to enter a new journal.
Enter the Journal ID. Journal ID’s are 5 alpha-numeric charaters.
Journals normally default into the general ledger transactions based on their source.
Alpha characters are typically used since the journal will normally already be selected.
Enter the Journal ID.
Enter a meaningful description for the journal. You cna also delete journals you don’t wish to use.
Highlight the journal you wish to delete.
Click on the minus sign to delete the journal you’ve selected.
Click on the Journal ID ellipsis to see the existing journals.

Click on the close button to leave the screen.