Keep track of your outside counsel. Perfect Practice® helps you manage the process and keep abreast of the status on each of your cases, both internal and external. Set up workflow protocols for contract review. Tickle contract expiration and track critical information on each item. Great statistical reports can show management how much you’ve accomplished over the year! If you wish we can import data in pretty much any standard format. LEDES format bills can actually be brought into Perfect Practice® on a line item basis if you wish.

Get rid of the spreadsheets, standalone data bases and other software programs with one solution! Below is a summary screen of all outside billing for a case.

Perfect Practice® offers a single software solution for virtually any application requirement.
Packed with features, based on almost 30 years of input from clients, Perfect Practice® offers a field-tested solution for successful legal management.
Perfect Practice® Case Management System adapts to your firm, not the other way around. The flexible architecture of Perfect Practice® is designed to accommodate your needs without custom programming.

The tight multi-level security scheme keeps prying eyes from seeing what they shouldn’t. Security can be applied to login, individual program screens, even down to individual screen components.
For almost 30 years, our clients have been able to successfully realize the productivity gains they were hoping for with Perfect Practice®. No brag, just fact.

Time Tested for almost 30 years & enhanced by over 10,000 users!

See how firms use Perfect Practice® to do more, faster and with fewer resources.