We can handle any facet of HOA business. From keeping track of the notices, meetings and paperwork to filing demand letters and warnings. DocuTrac® can quickly prepare all standard documents in Microsoft Word® or Corel WordPerfect®. Need to track delinquent accounts, interest and late fees? Our collections product can automatically update the interest as well as track all charges and payments. Recurring charges such as monthly or annual maintenance fees can automatically be added to the Homeowner’s account. Contact our sales department for a complete demonstration.

Perfect Practice® offers a single software solution for virtually any area of law.

Packed with features, based on almost 30 years of input from clients, Perfect Practice® offers a field-tested solution for successful law practice management.

Perfect Practice® Case Management System adapts to your firm, not the other way around. The flexible architecture of Perfect Practice® is designed to accommodate your needs without custom programming.

The Billing & Accounting System allows you to use information entered into Case Management System for “Enter Data Once” billing and financial management. Synergistic Integration streamlines the data entry process. This minimizes the amount of data entry and maximizes accuracy of information.

Whether your firm does contingency, hourly, or flat fee billing – Perfect Practice® is adept at handling the requirements of any size law firm.

The tight multi-level security scheme keeps prying eyes from seeing what they shouldn’t. Security can be applied to login, individual program screens, even down to individual screen components.

For almost 30 years, our clients have been able to successfully realize the productivity gains they were hoping for with Perfect Practice®. No brag, just fact.

Time Tested for almost 30 years & enhanced by over 10,000 users!

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