A variety of electronic interfaces have been created to operate with Perfect Practice®.

With our flexible tools, we can create interfaces to almost any third party product if needed.  Current interfaces include:

Billing Interfaces

  • LegalGuard (Version 9)
  • NewInvoice
  • iClear
  • Cost Recovery (Equitrac, copyTrac, etc.)

Stand Alone Creditor Rights Interfaces

  • Provest (Process Server)
  • WALZ (Certified Mail)
  • FNF Gator (Title Search)
  • JEFIS (Submit Documents Electronically – NJ)

NetDirector Creditor Rights Interfaces

  • LPS Desktop (Incoming Referrals / Outbound Events)
  • VendorScape (Incoming Referrals / Outbound Events)
  • Lenstar (Incoming Referrals / Outbound Events)
  • Quandis (Outbound Events / Secondary Recipient)
  • Military Search (Status Search)
  • Pacer (Document Search)
  • Provest (Process Server)
  • FLABIZ (Publications)
  • RedVision (Title Search)
  • Wheatland (Title Search)
  • SourceDocs (Title Search)
  • Stewart (Title Search)

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