The Perfect Practice DocuTrac module is used to merge documents from data fields within Perfect Practice. Unless your installation has pre-loaded template(s) from Perfect Practice, your system will come with 4 documents, 2 for Microsoft Word and 2 for Word Perfect. Simply double click on the document you wish to merge.

Once selected, the document will appear in the Documents Selected list. If the auto merge feature has been turned on, the document will start to merge. If not, you must click on the merge documents button.

Each user will be prompted to select the Preparer, when they select the first document to merge for the day. Perfect Practice already knows who’s logged in, so they will be the default preparer.

The document signatory will also be requested for, during the first merge. This will also default to the logged in user, but can be changed to anyone else. This feature allows staff members to generate any type of document for any person within the firm.

Typically most clients have their system configured to create a note transaction within Perfect Practice as an event and optionally include a time or cost entry into the accounting system, for billing or tracking costs.

When the auto merge for word, is turned on, the letter will automatically appear. The user can then edit the document with any specific changes they may want to include. This gives our clients users the ability to build standardized documents but also empower them for editing. If the user doesn’t have the auto merge feature turned on, it will be necessary to invoke the merge macro, by clicking on the icon within Word or Word Perfect.

Packages are also available. A package is a group of documents that can be merged at the same time. Each document, will reference the Relationship tab, to see who should receive which letter.

Since this is a DocuTrac merge document, when you save it, it will automatically be saved to the document location specified for this case.