Tired of paper Check Requests?

Check-writer allows for electronic check requests by authorized staff members. Not only that, but our electronic signatures can do away with writer’s cramp! Request and Print Operating checks, Cost Advance Checks and Trust Checks, all from the same program. Review all check requests in the queue and approve the ones you wish to authorize. If a trusted employee is printing the checks, you can have the checks digitally signed, based on the checking account, dollar amount, vendor and even the time of day. Simply use the check-writer to write your checks and your client/matter ledgers are updated with cost advances, your General Ledger is updated with the accounting entries, your Bank Reconciliation is ready to go and of course, the physical check is printed.

  • You choose who can initiate a check request electronically
  • You choose who can create or edit payees (vendors)
  • Standard reports allow you to view pending check requests
  • You can grant different levels of access to view or edit requests, view or edit G/L allocations, client/matter allocations, and amounts
  • Choose who has authority/permission to approve and/or print checks
  • You have the option to automate check signing by account, amount or time period.
  • One function does it all!

Time Tested for over 30 years & enhanced by over 10,000 users!

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