The Perfect Practice Case Management Solution includes a program called “Perfect Practice Auto Sync” (PP Auto Sync) . This program aids our clients by syncing the Perfect Practice Calendar, Contacts and Tasks to Microsoft Outlook at the user level.

PP auto sync can be started by double clicking the program on your workstation. This is normally found by navigating to
C:\Program Files\ADC Legal Systems Inc.\Adcpp2\PerfPrac\Bin\ppAutoSynch.exe, Double click on ppautosync.exe. This will start the auto sync program.

Once PP auto sync is running, it’ll be in your open programs list in your system tray. Right click on the ppautosync icon and three choices will be shown. The first option is the one we want to select, options. Highlight options and click with your mouse. Outlook will be automatically started if it’s not already running.

The Perfect Practice, Outlook export, import, and settings screen will appear. There are several options, under the General tab. Your system will be delivered with the default settings enabled. Under Transaction Import/Export, you can elect whether to sync appointments and to do’s, by checking what you want to sync. Append Case Name to Note, and Include Producer/Entity info in subject, determine the content in the transactions that are sent to Outlook. The import contacts as role setting, determines the entity role assigned to contacts, imported from Microsoft Outlook. Outlook doesn’t have roles for the contacts, so you must choose a default. The Auto sync check box must be checked in order for outlook and Perfect Practice to automatically synchronize changes made in either system. There is also a setting for how often the two should communicate. The recommended interval is every 60 minutes, but this can be adjusted to your preference. The Outlook has precedence check box, is used to designate which changes to save, when changes are made to the same transaction in both Outlook and Perfect Practice. If you check, Outlook has precedence, the changes that were made in Outlook will control. If you leave the box unchecked, changes made in Perfect Practice, will control. Check the auto sync transactions check box, if you want the designated transaction types to auto sync. Contacts will also auto sync, if the Auto Sync Contacts check box, is checked. We recommend that you consider not auto syncing contacts. Perfect Practice is a shared database, while outlook is unique for each user. If several users auto sync contacts, they may each bring in the same contacts from their outlook. Perfect Practice treats each person’s contacts as unique entries, since it cannot tell if John Doe in one outlook database is the same contact as the John Doe already in Perfect Practice. To avoid duplicates, import contacts from the most comprehensive outlook list. Auto sync as producer, indicates the identity of the producer to whom the transactions belong. Normally this would be your own initials, but in the case of a secretary syncing for the boss, the bosses ID would be selected. Before you can import or export between Microsoft outlook and Perfect Practice, you must set up the folders.

Select the Account, with which you wish to interact.

Select the calendar Folder

Select the Task folder

Select the Contact Folder. This must be selected, even if you’re not planning to sync contacts.

Note that the date and time of the last sync, from this outlook session, is indicated at the bottom of the screen. The 1899 date indicates no sync has ever occurred from this computer.

The contacts tab, allows you to set the parameters for syncing contacts. Outlook tracks 6 address types. The contact export address codes option, allows you to choose the Perfect Practice address code that will correspond to those in Outlook. The right side of the contacts screen, allows you to choose the types of contacts that will be exported from Perfect Practice to Outlook. Leaving the Export all roles check box, checked, will result in all contacts going to Outlook. The contacts going to outlook, can be restricted by unchecking the export all roles check box. You can then choose specific contact roles that you wish to export from Perfect Practice. If you have a working knowledge of SQL commands, and the Perfect Practice database structure, you can utilize the Export by Query option. The Perfect Practice support and training staff, can assist you if you need specific export criteria, and are not familiar with SQL commands. This tab is optional. It only needs completed if you intend to sync contacts.

The Initialization, Manual one way transfer tab, allows you to have complete control over what gets imported, or exported and when. This tab is normally used for new installations, and when the auto sync feature is not utilized.

The Available functions are self-explanatory. When initializing a new system, you will normally import Outlook contacts.

Import Outlook To Do’s, also known as tasks

And finally, import outlook appointments. This process must be repeated from each outlook session, you wish to initialize with Perfect Practice. Selecting the export from Perfect Practice options, will also give a warning that entries that have been deleted in Perfect Practice, will be deleted from Outlook.