Tired of trying to figure out who’s where, when?

Our shared calendaring system has a two way synchronization with Microsoft Outlook®, but also allows you to show groups of people. If you have the rights, you can quickly reassign tasks and appointments to different staff members. Many features are above and beyond those of a standard calendaring system.

For example, we know what a case is! If you settle a case, you can go directly to the case and cancel all appointments and tasks from one place. That will take care of all staff members’ calendars automatically. You can also search for open timeslots for specific users or groups of users to schedule meetings.

  • Make or view appointments for one or several individuals using either pre-set groups or on-the-fly selections
  • Choose to view one day, five-day (week), or thirty-day period
  • Search for free (available) time periods for multiple individuals to meet
  • View on-screen deadlines sorted by due date, case, priority or producer
  • Link entries to cases or parties
  • Link to location codes
  • Privacy feature for sensitive/personal appointments
  • Choose from five priority levels
  • Allows for recurring (repeating) reminders or appointments
  • Spell check/Thesaurus
  • Security permits assigning/limiting access
  • Bi-directional Synchronization with Outlook

Time Tested for over 30 years & enhanced by over 10,000 users!

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