Bill by client, by matter or by batch.

Accommodates flat fee, hourly or contingency fees and cost advances. Flexible billing formats allow you to match the look and feel of the bill to the client. Alternate billing addresses allow distribution of bills to all recipients designated by the client. Not only do we track the time, but a library of standard reports gives productivity by staff member, client or matter. Best of all, if you need a custom bill or report, we use the Crystal Reports® report writer. If you have special requirements we can handle it.

  • Create unlimited numbers of custom formats based on your preferences as to which elements are to appear on the invoice
  • Generate bills or prebills on demand
  • Bill by client/matter, responsible producer, type of law or by billing cycle
  • Create reusable batches for billing multiple matters with no other common factor
  • Edit prebills on screen or provide paper prebills to attorneys for edit
  • Track “actual” versus “bill as” values for time and dollars recorded
  • Choose who can access/modify bill data
  • Allows for paper, PDF/email or electronic billing
  • Accommodates LEDES and other pre-defined billing codes and formats
  • One click allows you to hold a single transaction or an entire invoice for billing at a later date
  • Write-up/Write-off feature allows you to adjust fee transaction values
  • Courtesy discounts allow you to show discounts on the invoice, which are then allocated on a pro rata basis among all producers on the invoice
  • Contingency, flat-fee and task-based billing is fully supported and integrated with Perfect Practice® Case Management
  • You have the option to include or exclude expenses for which checks have not yet been issued
  • We accommodate taxable transactions for multiple taxing jurisdictions, including Canadian

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