Start by selecting the System utilities button from the main menu. Select system configuration. The default tab is the General tab. Select the Entities tab.

Specific case types or party roles can be configured to use automatic numbering. One common method is to start the internal case number, with the year. This is normally set as an ID prefix. You can set YY as a marker for requesting the current year or you can use the 4-digit year. The day of the year is DD and even the current time can be utilized by specifying HH. Most of our case management customers prefer to use the year.

An administrator may also designate a separator, so the file number will be easy to distinguish from the year. The ID Number mask, determines the size of the ID number. When new files are created, zeros will be used to pad the number to the specified size. As an example let’s purpose the case ID has a 4 number mask. If this were the first case to be entered for the year 2013, the ID would be 2013-0001. The next number that will be assigned will be 2013-0002. Each year, the current ID number, must be reset to zero, to restart the year with case number 1. The Perfect Practice Case Management system has been delivered with automatic numbering turned off. To turn on automatic numbering, you must indicate which case, or party roles will use the automatic numbering feature. Select the Add Roles button, under the ID from the number section.

The left side will show all roles that are currently available. The right side shows all roles currently configured for automatic numbering. To assign automatic numbering for a new role, move the role from the left side to the right side, by using the arrows. Use the double arrows with caution. These will move all roles from one side to the other. If you add a new case role, you’ll need to repeat this process to turn on automatic numbering for the new role. It is most efficient to set up all of your roles first, and then you can turn on all automatic numbering at the same time. It’s also possible to have case ID’s, assigned based on a combination of fields in the ID bar.