Accounting Procedures for Completing Month End/Year End

1. Run Indexall, Rebuild All Accumulators including time & billing, trust and general ledger. 2. Checks, time cost, consolidated costs, general ledger, trust transactions, receipts and payroll must be posted for accurate reporting. Run the appropriate auditing and posting routines. 3. Run Working Trial Balance Report for the current period. Debits and credits must match. (if running consolidated divisions please make sure to include the appropriate divisions) 4. Run Income Statement report for the current period VS year to date. (if running consolidated divisions please make sure to include the appropriate divisions) 5. Run Balance Sheet Report for the current [...]

Security Groups

Security groups allow managers to restrict access to program features within case management, time & billing or accounting. Each employee, or user can be added to the groups having rights to the desired functions. All users must be in a group, in order to access Perfect Practice. Your system is delivered with several common work groups defined. Select System Setup/utilities to view or modify the existing security groups. Select Setup, Time and Billing, Security. The first Security group will be displayed. Click on the ellipsis to see all available groups. One group needs to be set as the Default Group. [...]

Creating a Web Search Command Button in Case Management

In this article we’ll discuss how to set up your own web buttons. Web buttons can be complicated, so a more advanced user should take on this task. To begin, open up a case. Select the questionnaire on which you wish to add the web help button. In this exercise, we'll use a web search questionnaire. Once on the questionnaire, press control alt M. This will put you into the maintenance mode. Please note, authorized users can only access maintenance mode. Left click on the yellow background, at the point you wish to place the new button. This will bring [...]

Automatic Numbering for Cases within Case Management:

Start by selecting the System utilities button from the main menu. Select system configuration. The default tab is the General tab. Select the Entities tab. Specific case types or party roles can be configured to use automatic numbering. One common method is to start the internal case number, with the year. This is normally set as an ID prefix. You can set YY as a marker for requesting the current year or you can use the 4-digit year. The day of the year is DD and even the current time can be utilized by specifying HH. Most of our case [...]

Setting up Divisions within Case Management and Time & Billing

Perfect Practice allows setup, of a multi-tiered chart of accounts structure, that can accommodate just about any accounting entity. Each separate entity that will be tracked in the general ledger is normally setup as a division. At least one Division must be set-up. Additional Divisions can be setup for different accounting entities, such as branch offices, unique professional associations within the firm, and even non-affiliated companies. Select System Setup/Utilities to access the division setup screen. Select setup then select division, dept./journal. The Division setup option, allows the system administrator, to determine the use of Department and/or Sub accounting under a [...]