What Happened to the “Personal Touch”?

I’m sure you have experienced it. You call to speak to a customer support representative and it’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get a human being on the line. “Press 1 for..., press 2 for….” By the time you’ve gotten through the endless list of prompts you are screaming into the phone, “JUST GET ME TO A REPRESENTATIVE!!” What happened to the “personal touch”? It seems to have gone by the wayside. What companies must realize is that customers and clients WANT this personal touch. A survey by Genesys asked more than 9,000 consumers about what mattered to them most when dealing [...]

Effective Time Management

“How did it get so late so soon?” ― Dr. Seuss Time, we all spend it, some wisely, some…well, not so much. We’ve all said, “I wish there was just more time in the day.” One solution to the problem of there not being an infinite number of hours in the day is to minimize the amount of time spent on certain, somewhat mundane, tasks so that we may concentrate on those that need our full attention. Perfect Practice has one of those solutions for law firms by way of automated workflow. One of the biggest problems many businesses, including [...]

Split Billing

In the article we’ll discuss how to, and when, to use the Split Billing feature of Perfect Practice. Split billing is not delivered as a standard, but can be added to your system at no charge. It requires that you have the Perfect Practice billing module, but you will find that Case Management provides many additional features. First, what does split billing do? In certain instances, you may have a case, which involves several parties. Since they all have a stake in the outcome, they may agree to split certain fees and costs between the parties. Since your firm is [...]

Accounting Procedures for Completing Month End/Year End

1. Run Indexall, Rebuild All Accumulators including time & billing, trust and general ledger. 2. Checks, time cost, consolidated costs, general ledger, trust transactions, receipts and payroll must be posted for accurate reporting. Run the appropriate auditing and posting routines. 3. Run Working Trial Balance Report for the current period. Debits and credits must match. (if running consolidated divisions please make sure to include the appropriate divisions) 4. Run Income Statement report for the current period VS year to date. (if running consolidated divisions please make sure to include the appropriate divisions) 5. Run Balance Sheet Report for the current [...]

Security Groups

Security groups allow managers to restrict access to program features within case management, time & billing or accounting. Each employee, or user can be added to the groups having rights to the desired functions. All users must be in a group, in order to access Perfect Practice. Your system is delivered with several common work groups defined. Select System Setup/utilities to view or modify the existing security groups. Select Setup, Time and Billing, Security. The first Security group will be displayed. Click on the ellipsis to see all available groups. One group needs to be set as the Default Group. [...]